Top Sins While Travelling

We all have been there. Knowingly or Unknowingly we make mistakes while travelling. But then again, there are mistakes and there are sins. Mistakes can happen but sins should never happen. Here are a few that I could think of which I thought of sharing with you folks!

Not respecting the locals and their culture

I have always seen people go around in their ways and not respecting the local culture. See, you are in their place, in their domain. They are giving you their time, showing you their culture. The least you could do is accept that and show them the respect they deserve.

When you are travelling, you are doing that to learn something new, see something new, and experience something new. While doing so, you will come across things that might not seem appealing to you (maybe you are brought up that way, who am I to judge?), there will be situations which will be very much unfamiliar to you, and this might make you somewhat uncomfortable. But you don’t have to make weird expressions to show that you hate it. You have to open up your mind and accept their culture. Yes, I am not talking about extreme cultural changes but the normal ones you can accept. 

Not doing proper research before your travel

See, you are going to a new place. You know nothing about the area, the people, the food habits, etc. No research is enough, and it is a sin not to research at all. There are always so many hidden gems in and around the famous places that most people do not know about, especially the tourists. If you do proper research, talk to the locals – trust me, you will find loads of places that might interest you more, and the best part, those places will be sooo less crowded that the whole area will be all your’s. 

Showing off your wealth

This is being stupid, for sure. Never show off your money or how much you own. This is not even the last thing you want to do in a foreign land. Trust me. You are always the odd one out in a foreign land, no matter how much you try to hide it. Everyone knows that you are not from that place. On top of that, nothing should tempt you to show off what you have with you – be it electronics, money, jewellery, etc.

Telling everyone that your culture/country is better than their’s

I have met people while travelling to Vietnam who thought that their country was wayyyy better than Vietnam. Yes, there might be some aspects in which one country might be better than the other but speaking your thoughts publicly while looking down on someone is utter nonsense. I have met loads, and trust me; no one loves them. Accept everything while you are somewhere else. You can surely share what you have back home but never make them feel wrong about that. 

Expecting everything will go as planned

Believe me, if you are travelling on your own, most things will not go as planned. There are always some situations that you will have to adapt to. You should keep that in mind always and be prepared. From being prepared, I am not saying you should be prepared for any situation, which is impossible. But you can be prepared mentally that you might miss your bus, you might lose your credit card or cash, you might lose your bag, you might get sick, you might find that the host you were supposed to stay with suddenly is not picking up your call on the day of your arrival, etc. Anything can go wrong, and it is a sin to think otherwise. 

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