20 Ways to Spot a Backpacker

  • Always have a way with the locals
  • Always prepared with extra plans if something doesn’t go right
  • Have friends from all around the world
  • Huge bag but only one bag – always!
  • Will never look like tourists but very likely will look homeless
  • Plan their own trips with the help of locals – might never look for trip ideas from magazines
  • Used to wearing the same clothes again and again, for weeks, months or years
  • Everything they own can be packed in a single bag – biggg but a single bag
  • Have no trouble in new places, in fact, they love it
  • Anything free is always tempting for them, even though they have to go like 30kms to get that
  • They love to explore the neighbourhood – not afraid about unbeaten paths
  • They love to talk to random people and listen to their stories and are never shy to share their most embarrassing stories to them
  • They sniff their clothes to see if they are clean – 100% of the time
  • They are totally okay to spend 10 hours of bus journey than to pay anything for a 2-3 hour flight
  • They can pack anything in 10 minutes and be ready to go
  • Can be seen mostly in comfortable wide pants
  • Weirdly enough, they have a insect repellant in their bags, even when they aren’t travelling
  • Cares the least about all the creases they have on their clothes and even then, they would just throw their clothes into their backpack
  • They know their Passport Number- this happened a long time ago!
  • Sleeping is not an issue at all – they can sleep almost anywhere, as long as they can close their eyes

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