10 signs that proves You Are A Backpacker

Ever had this idea that maybe you are a Backpacker but you never had the means to prove that notion? Maybe when you wake up in the morning and you want to smile but somewhere deep inside you have this self-doubt and that makes you think about it the whole day but still you can’t solve it.

Here are a few pointers that might help you get some insight on your life and if you match like 6-7 of these, you can finally solve the mystery and give yourself a name (if you match all these 10 points, I don’t know why are you even reading this blog – go out on an adventure – the world needs you or you need the world)

  1. You wear the same pants for 2 weeks or longer
  2. You wear the same 2 t-shirts back and forth for weeks or even months until it is not socially acceptable
  3. Everything you value fits in a single bag and you usually carry everything with you
  4. Anywhere you lay – you can sleep – as long as it is dry
  5. You hate Hotels just as much as you hate Cabs
  6. You are cheap and you are proud to be one
  7. You are good with making random conversations with random people on the streets and within minutes you know where the other person is from
  8. You think you look good in that t-shirt that you have been wearing continuously for the past 12 months day-in day-out
  9. You use the ‘sniff test’ to determine the cleanliness of your clothing – if it smells better than you then it is completely wearable
  10. You remember people not by their names but where they are from

Do you think you have more superpowers like these and would like to share with the community? Share in the comment section below.

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