Which are the food items that I loved in Vietnam?

When it comes to food, Vietnam is a country you should not miss. And if you know me personally, you know that I live to eat. Literally.

I spent 84 days in Vietnam and out of my whole budget, the majority was spent on food (like 60% of my total budget) and for good reasons. The street food was something that I couldn’t resist – cheap and tasty – the best combination there can be.

Without going into a lot of random talks, I would rather go directly to the topic for which you all came to read this blog. So here is the list of food that I loved the most in Vietnam, although not the only ones that I loved-

Bánh Mì

A rich banh mi in Highlands Coffee – I usually eat from the roadside but this picture had a better ambience – Presentation matters 😉

I cannot emphasis enough as to how much I loved Bánh mì. I was eating Bánh mì almost everyday – the majority was in Hanoi when me and my friends, Alba and Raul specifically, would make midnight walks to the Bánh mì lady (as we would call her), eat one or two depending on the intensity of our hunger. Bánh mì are breads with loads of things inside like vegetables, mangoes, chicken or pork or beef, cucumber, some type of sauce, etc etc. Bánh mì is stuffed with a lot of stuff – which is why it is one of my favourites. Depending on the place you are, Bánh mì will cost you from 10k – 30k (Rs 30 – Rs 90) VND on the streets and will start from 50k (Rs 150) VND in restaurants.


Phở is one of the most famous dish everywhere – be it the foreigners or the locals. You will find Phở everywhere you go but you will get the best ones towards the North of Vietnam. Phở is the one thing I was hearing about from all the blogs that I have been reading before doing the Vietnam trip. Phở is basically noodles with soup but the way they prepare it is mind blowing. I loved every where I ate it. It fills you up with the amount of noodles, meat and the soup. Definitely a must try – from the road-side shops. Phở will cost you around 15k (Rs 45) VND in low end street shops to 50k (Rs 150) or 100k (Rs 300) in restaurants. (Special thanks to Nathalie for this amazing capture and letting me use the picture)

Bún Chả

Bún Chả is a dish with grilled pork and noodles and soup. The soup that is presented with Bún chả has a really strong taste – but really tasty. The way you eat a Bún chả is by either dipping a chopsticks full of noodles and dip it in the sauce with some meatballs or you can put all the noodles in the sauce and take some at a time. Although I was having Bún chả since I was in Saigon, the most I ate was when I was in Hanoi as there was a small shop near the homestay where I was staying. It is delicious. You can expect the price ranging from 20k – 50k (Rs 60 – Rs 150) VND.

Bún Bò Huế

Bún Bò Huế origiates from Hue – as the name says it. It was my go-to dish while I was in Da Nang and Da Lat and Hue. It is a dish that comes from Hue associated with the cooking style of the former royal court. It is a popular Vietnamese soup containing rice vermicelli ( bún) and beef (bò). Price ranges from 30k – 50k (Rs 90 – Rs 150).
(Special thanks to Trang Pham for this amazing capture and letting me use the picture)

Mì Quảng

Mì Quảng originates from Quảng Nam Province. This is one dish that was my go-to while I was in Da Nang. I was living at Do Do’s place whose place was near the DaNang Technical University – the advantage to that was that all the shops that were present there were cheap – averagely it was 15k VND (Rs 45). So it was huge for me being a foodie as the food was cheap and tasty. It was a win win situation for me. Talking about this dish, this is a rice noodle dish with lots of ingredients like meat, little bit of soup, veggies, etc. (Special thanks to Cuong for this amazing capture and letting me use the picture)

The dishes and food items that I mentioned in this blog were just the ones that I loved the best and there are a lot which I didn’t mention but that doesn’t mean that those aren’t good. I am not particularly a fan of super dry dishes or food items and I was glad that most of the food items that I tasted there were soupy or has some sauce in it.

Nevertheless, the food in Vietnam is something that you should never miss – especially the street food. Those are cheap and super tasty.

Special thanks to Miss Mai for taking the responsibility of finding pictures for this blog which I didn’t take while I was in Vietnam by asking her friends – without her this blog would have been difficult to complete.

Feel free to drop your comments down below or contact me for any further information about Vietnam. I would be more than happy to help.

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